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Monday, August 1, 2011

Pretty as Punch

Lately I've been really into bright nails for the summer.  During the school year I rarely have time to give myself a manicure, so summertime is pretty much the only time I have polished nails. 

I found some awesome bright polish colors -Sinful Colors- at Rite Aid for only $1.99 so I bought a few to experiment with. This one is a pretty purple called "Dream On".

I decided to dazzle it up a little on the toes so I added a glitter topcoat.

Here are the polishes I used, and the best topcoat ever! Your manicure will last all week!

Sinful Colors-"Dream On" $1.99 @ Rite Aid (Looks more pink in the photo, but it's really purple)
Wet n Wild- "Kaleidoscope" $.99 @ Rite Aid
Gelous-"Advanced Gel Nail Coat" $4.99 @ Sally Beauty Supply

*Sinful colors dry matte so you really have to use a top coat to give it gloss.


  1. I love those colors! Check out the post below, by a friend of mine. It seems like something you'd like, with the color and the glitter.


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