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Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Exactly What It Looks Like

Yep, it's a bacon t-shirt. Why might one need a bacon t-shirt you ask? To torment my husband, that's why. A few weeks ago the RedHead and I had a discussion about having a third child. We have discussions about this quite often, but we both know that it would be best if we wait just a tad bit longer.

During this discussion I decided it would be best if we had a code word. Kind of like a "safe" word, but really the opposite. He says the word and I know that we're ready to start trying. The word: Bacon! Since then I've been completely harrassing him about all things bacon. I'm perfectly content waiting a few more months, but this is just too much fun to let go. So this little beauty is going to be hanging on the closet door for him when he gets home.

And I think I've found a stocking stuffer as well:
I kid. That's just gross!



  1. Oh I love that shirt! So funny!!

  2. Very funny! Look on amazon for a chocolate and bacon candy bar...I got one as a stocking stuffer for my hubby!


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