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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A True Story

There once was a girl who started a blog while trapped under a nursing baby. And now that baby is two and a half. And that girl is back at work, and still being wifey and mommy, and daughter and child of God, and housekeeper and friend, and the list goes on. And the little blog went neglected, but not forgotten because so many other things took priority.

But the girl was sad. She missed writing and talking to bloggy friends and keeping a journal of her thoughts and life. She's still trying to think of a time to carve into the day/week to write a bit. She doesn't want to let her blog get too far gone because one day she'd like to be trapped under a nursing baby once again.  And she'd like to write about it.


  1. Love is post. I agree finding the balance of blogging and life. You are not forgotten though...don't worry!

  2. Hope to hear more from you! It's so hard to find time as a working mama! I totally understand!


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