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Sunday, September 23, 2012

26 weeks

26 weeks

The Belly: Changing up the pic a bit this week because I do not intend on getting "fixed up" today.

Hi Point: After this week, it's kind of a stretch here. I'd have to say my high point was that I am now officially more than half way done with my 17p shots. 11 down, 10 to go!

Lo Point: Well...I had a really bad night on Wednesday night. I just couldn't get comfortable and my back felt like it was cramping. I ended up leaving work early the next day and my midwife said that it was inflammation and spasms. She wrote me a prescription and put me out of work for Friday.

Then we had "the talk". I knew it was coming, but in my mind I really thought I had about another month before we needed to talk about when I'd go out. I was sure that with the job I was doing now plus the weekly shots, I'd be able to work longer.

Reality is, I just can't do it. (Enter guilt.) We decided that I'll try for 3 more weeks and that will put me at 30 weeks (because I'm really 27 weeks tomorrow).  So...there's that.

Siblings: No biggies here. The Bug is trying our patience on a regular basis, but I guess we can just say we're in training for #3. Sometimes she is like having 2 children. :) Colson is being his regular sweet self.

Cravings: Not a whole lot. Chocolate milk, maybe?

Lbs: +26 (I won't even go into what the doctor's scale said. I'll just say I was wearing my boots and I didn't get to take them off. Boots are heavy y'all!)

Looking Forward To: **This was last week's hope -->Nothing big this week...just wanting to make it through with minimal back pain and possibly a bit more sleep.**Needless to say, I don't think it happened. I think I'll stick to the same hope for this week.


  1. Your pregnancy is flying by for us, your readers. Wish it would do the same for you. You look great! Even if you don't feel it...

  2. You look so cute. Try not to feel guilty about work, you can only do what you can do.


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