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Sunday, September 30, 2012

27 weeks

27 weeks

The Belly:

Hi Point: I made it through my glucose test, one more week of work, and finally was able to order a pair of cords from Gap (every other time I tried, the coupon code didn't work for cords). Now I will have 3 pair of pants to wear (bodies change a lot from being pregnant at 23 and being pregnant at 30, so not a whole lot fits).
Also, Etsy has a registry system (who knew?). It's only Wedding Registry, but I just made our wedding date Butter Bean's due date and then added a few lovelies. I could add stuff on here all day long!
Check it: Butter Bean's Etsy Registry
Just look at the cuteness!

Lo Point: The fatigue. I could really do about a 2 day work week. I'm pretty good Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday I am getting up about 15-20 minutes later and by Friday I am ready to take a nap at work. Two more weeks until I go out.

Siblings: Colson thinks it's funny to tell the baby to pop on out so we can play, but we've had to talk with him about how this is not what we want to happen. We explained how he was really sick when he "popped" out early and we were scared because he had to stay in the hospital. It's really hard for he and Lilly-Belle to understand...they're just ready to meet their brother or sister!

Cravings: Coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, Japanese food and sushi, doughnut holes from Fancy Pastry.

Lbs: +28 I also want to doctor thinks I've only gained 19 lbs. I am counting from my pre-pregnancy goal weight (and where I want to be long-term, after baby). There was a 9 lb gain from the point we started trying, got pregnant, and then had our first "official" visit when they took my starting weight. If I'm wanting to feel better, I go with their count ;)

Looking Forward To: The 2 week work countdown. I know it will be best for baby and for me.

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