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Sunday, September 2, 2012

23 Weeks

23 weeks down...17 to go (or at least 13 by my midwife's orders)!

The Belly:

Hi Point: The elderly lady in Belk who pointed at me and asked her daughter (quite loudly), "Is that little girl pregnant?" When the daughter told her I was indeed pregnant, she responded, "She's too young to be having a baby!" Bless her heart. Exactly what a newly 30 year old needs to hear. :)

Lo Point: Having an upper respiratory infection this week. It has been awful. I'm pretty sure I pulled every muscle around my belly from coughing, but thankfully the doc gave me some good antibiotics and cough meds so I am recovering quickly.

Siblings: Some days I think how sweet Lilly-Belle will be with the new when I see her playing with the other baby at the sitter's or when her sitter shows me a picture of her loving on the bunny rabbit at story hour.

Other times I worry what might happen if I ever leave her alone, even for a moment, with the baby. It could look something like this:
Yes, those are yogurt bites that have been strategically smooshed onto baby.
Don't even ask.

Cravings: Being sick, I've pretty much just wanted orangeades, banana pudding icecream, and pumpkin spice lattes. 

Lbs: +21

Looking Forward To: A sweet friend's baby shower next weekend! I can't wait to see her baby bump again (we look like we're due at the same time even though I'm 8 weeks behind her) and see all the precious baby boy gifts she receives!

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