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Friday, August 31, 2012

Top Five Friday...Me and Monkey

This week has been a huge adjustment for our family as school started back. I was just going to do my Top 5 on how I had to adjust, but Colson had such a big week at school I thought I'd share a bit about his week as well.

Colson's Top Five Best Moments: 
First Week in First Grade
1. Day 1- His sweet teacher traded popsicles with him because he wanted grape flavor.

2. Day 2-The principal chose him to come to the office and pull the fire alarm for their first fire drill!

3. Day 3- He got to watch a video about manners. (Watching videos in school rocks!)

4. Day 4- Getting to write about people from his bubble map. (I remember teaching my first graders to write stories using a bubble map!)

5. Day 5- Getting to go to the prize box and get a mini Hungry Hungry Hippo game. Colson's words, "I don't know where she finds all this cool stuff!" -on the game and the rubberband ball he saw in the prize box

 My Top Five Biggest Adjustments:
Back to Work

1.  Getting up before 7am. It's not for me.  Especially not for me when I'm pregnant. Who do I lobby to change the start time for school?

2. Trying to remember everything. Folder signed, lunch packed, snack packed, clothes laid out, my bag packed, Lilly's bag ready for the sitter, and on and on. I need a checklist!

3. Letting the little things go. There's just no time or energy to be spent "tidying up". Only the necessitites are taken care of, the rest just has to wait.

4. That thing called dinner. It doesn't seem quite as daunting when you're at home during the day, but it's just about the last thing I want to think about when I get home. I just want to SIT.

5. No naps. :(  I'm not going to lie; this third bebe has wiped me out and I loved the fact that I could take a nap if I needed to during the summer (Bug still sleeps 3 hrs and Monkey will nap if I tell him to).  Now that precious gift is gone. I miss it dearly!

I know that I will adjust, but this week's been a hard one.  Thankfully we have a three day weekend to recover before we are back at it again. Happy Friday friends!


  1. He sounds wonderful! You sound exhausted, maybe you're getting some rest this weekend!


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