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Monday, August 27, 2012

Duh...Duh...Dirty Thirty!

That's right...goodbye 20s, hello 30s! My twenties were very good to me so I can't complain, but I'm always looking forward to what's next and I think my thirties will be fabulous!

Here's a recap of what's happened in the last 10 years.
21- I marry the love of my life! (Dec. 2003)
21- 5 months later I graduate from Appalachian State University and prepare to begin my first year of teaching. (May 2004)
22- I buy my first ever brand new car. A green Nissan Altima that I drove for 7 years. (Aug. 2004)
23- My Monkey, Colson, is born! (March 2006)
26- Nick and I celebrate 5 years of marriage! (Dec. 2008)
26- The Bug, Lilly-Belle is born! (April 2009)
26/27-Weeks before I turn 27 I decide to start a blog while trapped under a nursing baby.(Aug. 2009)
27- We begin building our forever home.(Jan. 2010)
28- We move into our forever home! (Sept. 2010)
29- The RedHead throws me the best surprise party to celebrate the last year of my twenties! (Aug. 2011)
29- I get pregnant with little ButterBean!(April 2012)

Then it was time to celebrate turning 30. We actually did most of our celebrating a week before my birthday. The babes went to the beach with their YaYa and Poppy, so it worked out for the best (plus the first day of school was the day after my birthday).

On Friday, my Mama took me to lunch at the Chop House in High Point and I had the most delicious crab cake salad ever. Then we did a bit of shopping and I found a cute blanket for ButterBean and we got icecream at Brusters before heading home. Can I just say I'd marry Graham Central Station if marrying icecream were legal! This is the lovely purse Mama gifted me...she understands my handbag addiction.

Friday evening Nick got home from work and I guess the secret was killing him because he went ahead and gave me my birthday gift, a Slane and Slane Bee Pendant. It was above and beyond anything I expected and I even gave him the opportunity to just take it back, but he really wanted me to have it. I made him promise that it would be my birthday, anniversary and Christmas gift all together (oh, and push present) ,but I have to say I'm quite smitten with it. As is that weren't enough, he gave me a sweet Marley Lilly clutch too. Not sure what I did to deserve this guy!

The next evening we went out to eat at Salty Caper with our friends Jed and Emily and not only was the pizza delicious, but dessert was heavenly. It's called a fritta and they take a candy bar (we had reeses and milky way), deep fry it in this sweet breading and put powdered sugar on top. Sugar heaven! I really with I had taken a picture of it, but we were too busy eating it.

Jed and Emily gave me a precious birthday/early baby gift for ButterBean. Some Aden and Anias swaddle blankets and a Sophie teether (which I've had my eye on).
Since we did our main celebration the weekend before, my actual birthday was pretty relaxed (which is exactly what we needed the night before school starts). We went to church and went out to lunch together. All of the fun and gifts were amazing, but I feel truly blessed to have such a loving husband, precious children, supportive family, and caring friends. God has given me these gifts to enjoy on my birthday and every day!



  1. love the wrap up of your twenties- so many wonderful and exciting things happened for you- congrats lady!!!

  2. What a great birthday and recap! Congratulations!

  3. What an awesome decade you have had! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy belated birthday. You are truly blessed!

  5. Awwww! Sounds like you had a wonderful 30th! What a pretty necklace! Such lovely gifts for a lovely girl. Continue to ride the birthday wave as long as you can! ;)


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