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Friday, August 24, 2012

Thanks Andrea!

A big Thank You to Andrea @ The Blonde Ambitions for a sweet blog award!

1.  Someone "gave" this award to you? 
Create a blog post including 11 random facts about yourself
2.  Also in that blog post, answer the 11 question the person that nominated you has given you, and make up another 11 questions for the people you will nominate
3.  Give this award to at least 5 blogs (up to 11) and link them in your post!
4.  Tell those people that you have nominated them for the award
5.  You cannot nominate the person that has nominated you
6.  Remember to tag blogs with less than 200 followers (I may have broken this rule...oops!)

11 Facts about ME
1. I am NOT a morning person! Adjusting to waking early for work this week has been a nightmare.
2. I will never pass up dessert. Never.
3. I was a cheerleader all through school, but I always wished I was a ballerina.
4. I'm not a dog or cat person. (Don't tell anyone. People think you should just love animals.)
5. I absolutely love baby feet. I don't know why, but I just think they're so sweet!
6. I will turn 30 this weekend!
7. I am addicted to handbags. They're my favorite accessory!
8. I love fried green tomatoes.
9. I have dated/been engaged to/been married to Nick for half of my life.
10. My favorite Starbucks drink is a pumpkin spice latte. I really wish they served them year round.
11. I pride myself in having very neat handwriting.

Questions from Andrea:
one: what was the most recent thing you bought online?
Goodies for the baby! The crib, bedding, and some decor from etsy.
two: if you could meet one famous individual who would it be?
It would have to be the President. I think he is fascinating!
three: do you prefer snow/cold or beach for a vacation?
Send me to a bed and breakfast in the mountains with snow falling any day of the week.
four: do you have a pet? what kind? what is their name? (sorry I know that is 3!)
No pet. We used to have a cat and dog, but they now have better homes.
five: if you could change jobs to anything else, what would you be?
I think I'd like to be a play therapist for children with special needs.
six: tap or sparkling water?
Tap. (But I'd rather have sweet tea.)

seven: what was the first car that you owned?
A blue Honda Accord. 

eight: what is your favorite pizza topping or type of pizza?
I love pizza from the Salty Caper with bacon and artichokes. Delicious!
nine: what kind of camera do you take most of your pictures? (Nikon, iphone, etc)
Usually on my phone. Thank you Instagram!
ten: what is your favorite reality TV show?
I love cooking reality shows like Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen.
eleven: where is the farthest from home you have ever traveled?
To Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for our honeymoon. Only time I've ever flown as well. 
{Questions for my nominees}
1. Coffee or Hot Chocolate?
2. What is your favorite accessory?
3. What magazine do you love to read?
4. Dream travel destination?
5. What is your favorite childhood memory?
6. Your biggest achievement in life {so far}?
7. What was your favorite subject in school?
8. Chinese or Japanese food?
9. How do you "treat" yourself when you're having a rough day or need a pick-me-up?
10. Driving pet peeve?
11. Shower or bath?
I'm nominating:
1. Paige @ Boots, Bows, & the 5-OH
2. Laura @ Cowboy Boots & Baby Booties
3. Laura @ Lillypie Accessories
4. Mrs. Bear @ Think Happy Thoughts
5. Brittany @ Living in the Moment



  1. Loved getting to know you better :) I also have an addiction to handbags! Hope you have a great birthday this weekend!! Celebrate big!

  2. I'm not an animal person either! We had a dog and it to is at a much better home ;) hope your birhtday weekend is wonderful!

  3. Happy HAPPY birthday!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


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