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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Things Change Quickly

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling glad that it was an Early Release Day at school. That meant I'd only have students until 12 and then I could "relax" a bit as we just had professional development in the afternoon.

I was helping present the prof. dev. (with my assigned job as "master clicker" on the computer so I wouldn't have to stand and talk) and after just a bit I went to go get a cushion to sit on because my back started killing me.  As I walked to my room and back I felt more pressure and tingly twinges.

As soon as the session was over I decided to go ahead and leave. I called my mom and Nick, and somewhere between the two calls I went from "thank goodness I only have 2 weeks" to "I can't do this another day".  I had a lot of guilt after Colson was born at 31 weeks. I felt that it was my fault, or that I should have been more in tune with what was happening to my body.  Now I am listening to every feeling because I can't bear to go into labor all because I wanted to tough it out for a few more weeks and overdid it. So,  I thought it would be a good idea to go in and be checked and I headed on to the doctor's office.

Once I was there, they asked me what symptoms I had experienced.  I explained what I felt and they decided to do a non-stress test and exam.  The non-stress test showed that the contractions I was feeling were very mild, nothing more than Braxton Hicks and definitely not productive at this time. It also showed that the baby is doing very well...she explained that the monitor showed "accelerations"(?) which indicated that our little ButterBean is neurologically intact and thriving. The exam revealed that my cervix is still closed, but is presenting as "soft" which can be normal, but they suggested that I limit my activity. The increased pressure I was feeling was likely to to the baby being so low. She said that the baby was very low and a lot of the bumps and kicks I feel are "down there" and the position will naturally create more pressure.

This visit changed my last day from next Friday to yesterday. Now I can focus on resting, nesting, and growing this precious baby.


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  2. So glad you had a good doctor's appointment, but I'm sorry you're still not feeling well. At least the baby is still thriving and healthy! You did the right thing by going in, if nothing else to have peace of mind =)

  3. Happy nesting, If we lived close I could give you a prenatal massage! Feel better!


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