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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Craftiness

I could really title this, "Cheap Halloween Craftiness", but it's all the same. I have to admit, I sometimes have high hopes of being this awesome crafter (they kind worthy of an actual craft room), but I'm usually disappointed.  I lack the follow through to complete many projects and if something doesn't turn out just right, I'm likely to chuck the whole thing in the garbage.

That being said, I was inspired by Pinterest and Etsy into taking on a few projects. Being on a stricter budget is hard when you have a diehard nesting instinct induced by pregnancy, but I simply couldn't afford these lovelies.

 Just these three things would cost me about $60

So...I decided to make a few Halloween decorations of my own.

First were painted pumpkins which turned out quite nicely and only set me back $6 ($3 for black spray paint, $1 for the glitter puff paint, and $2 for the mini pumpkins).

Then I used a black 8x10 frame and simply inserted this free cost since I had the frame.

My last project was the most time consuming, but it was fun. I found these cute vintage-style Halloween stickers at Walmart (of all places) so I bought three $1 wood plaques, sprayed them with some gray spray paint I had, painted over them with green and orange,  gave them a rough sand to distress some spots, stuck on stickers and then Mod Podged the whole thing.   I think they turned out quite cute!

Cost: $10 for the three--$3 for the plaques, $1 for the two acrylic paints, $3 for the stickers, and $3 for the sanding block (I already had the spray paint and mod podge)

The kids also joined in and decorated their own pumpkins.
Hard at work

Pumpkin Masterpieces!

There's my Halloween Craftiness for $16 dollars!

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  1. It all looks great! I'm thinking you've earned that craft room...


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