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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

28 weeks

28 weeks...well, I'm actually 29wk2d since I have been really slack about posting this week's update.

The Belly:

Hi Point: Words of affirmation from family, friends, and co-workers that I am doing the right thing by staying home now. Having the support of others means a lot. Another high point is watching our little ButterBean perform acrobatics in my stomach. It's quite entertaining (if a bit disturbing as well).

Lo Point: Heartburn that never goes away and wonder I'm tired, I am usually awake for about an hour and a half to two hours each night. Sometimes it's in small bits, other times it's for one long stretch.

Siblings: Lilly-Belle has been more attentive to the baby belly since I've been home the last week. She has copied a few of her brother's moves and likes to kiss my belly and tell the baby good night when we put her to bed and good bye when I leave.

Cravings: Hummus and pita chips. I also got my fix for fair food (just not at the fair); I had a funnel cake and caramel apple.

Lbs: +29

Looking Forward To: My doctor's appointment tomorrow, just for security that things are okay. I'm also looking forward to washing up our cloth diapers now that I have some of my favorite diaper detergent. I can't wait to use them again...there is something so cute about a puffy cloth diaper baby butt!


  1. Hang in there sweetie! I know how hard it is to leave work earlier than planned! I was on bed rest for 3 months with my #2. And I kept having this feeling that I needed to quit my job, but didn't, until I was sentenced to bed.

    What kind of cloth do you use. I'm a Fuzzi Bunz mom, mostly anyway. I'll have to look into your soap.

  2. you are soooo pretty & happy - i like :))

    - ♥♥♥ -


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