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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What I'm Learning from Whole 30

These are my Top 3 Tips that I've learned in my first two weeks of  Whole 30.

Tip #1: Never (never ever!) leave the house without a snack. You will probably get hungry. And the food that is most readily available when you're out and about is junk. It's much easier to leave the house with a healthy snack than to have to seek out a grocery store or be restricted to eating cashews (just about the only thing you can find in a convenience store). Here are a few things I take:
* A piece of fruit of container of berries: apple, banana, blueberries, strawberries
* Nuts
* Baby Carrot Sticks
* Lara Bars
* Plantain Chips ( I get Nature's Harvest brand from Walmart)

Tip #2: Cinnamon is your friend (and so is every other spice). Season your food. Some people think that eating a paleo diet is bland and boring. And I'm sure it can be, but if you season your food you will never think that.
I like my coffee, sprinkled on apples, on a baked sweet potato, and on roasted carrots. Cinnamon is my friend.

Tip #3: Just go and buy. Go to the grocery store and buy.
Buy meat.
Buy vegetables.
Buy fruits.
Buy nuts and eggs.

I had a friend ask me if I planned out all of my meals and I said, "No." Maybe some people do, but that would be overwhelming for me and seem like a lot of work. And with any dietary or lifestyle change, the less difficult it is, the more willing you will be to try it (and stick with it).

So, I just go to the grocery and buy from the categories above. Then I mix and match meats and veggies for dinner.  It's easy. A lot easier than making a lasagna or casserole.

Making this change has been wonderful, and I'm happy that I've inspired a few of my friends to change the way they eat and one is even starting her own Whole 30 challenge!

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