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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


What I'm currently:

Eating: Lots of Whole30 meals (on Day 7 baby!) 

Drinking: Black Coffee...I really miss my creamer.

Reading: The Explorer Gene
9781476730288_p0_v5_s260x420.JPG (260×393)

Watching: The RedHead and I went to see American Hustle the other evening. Two things- I'd love to rock one of the dresses Amy Adams wore and Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong!
american_hustle_char-posters.jpg (1296×730)

Needing to Do: Put away my Christmas decor. I've moved everything into the dining room, but I just can't muster the motivation to pack everything up and put it in the basement.

Wishing For: A new vehicle. It's no easy feat to squeeze three children into our car. It's basically a game of tetris with car seats.
chevy-suburban-review.jpg (900×540)

Missing: My Mamaw. We have several cardinals that come to our feeders every day and each time I see them I think of her.

Wearing: Today it is jeans and my coziest Appalachian sweatshirt because it was 7 degrees this morning. Warmth over style this morning!

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  1. I LOVE your instagram posts! You are so good at this clean eating!! You give great food ideas to everyone!


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