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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Strange Dreams

Lately I've been having some very strange dreams. I have always put a lot of value into what dreams mean and what they try to tell us. I get the message from a few of these, but others I have no clue. Maybe it's nothing, but if you have any insight I'd love to hear it!

 Dream 1: I am roller skating in a huge park in New York. I am also wearing Spider Man pajamas. (no clue)

 Dream 2: Nick and I sell our house, sell everything we own. We then buy a house that is completely white and empty. I also tell him that everything we buy for the house (towels and a couch were two things I specifically told him) had to be white too.

 I'm thinking this one is about my desire to purge unnecessary material things and simplify our lives.

Dream 3: I take Lilly-Belle to a black tie dinner. She begs me to let her dance with the waiter. I say sure and they dance together. (am I crazy?)

Dream 4: I am in a jail that is really like some sort of abandoned mall or office building because it has elevators which I am riding on to try to escape the jail. My family comes to visit me and they bring cupcakes. Oh cupcakes!! I haven't had one in over 3 weeks now. As I am escaping I run by them and they give me the cupcakes to eat.

This one is easy. I'm pretty sure it is directly tied to doing Whole 30 and me mourning the loss of sugar and grains.

These are just a few. Anyone else have very vivid and odd dreams?

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