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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Typical Conversations

Maybe it's because she is the middle child. Maybe it's because she is a girl. Maybe it's the red hair.

Who knows?

Lilly-Belle likes to have control. She is fiercely independent and tests me on the daily. I have no desire to squelch these dominant traits, but it certainly makes things interesting. Meal times are especially fun.

Here are a few typical conversations:

Me: What you like for lunch? You can choose between turkey slices and a cheese stick or ABCs with meatballs. (I try to give a choice so she has some input. Not sure if it helps.)
LB: Or a sandwich?
Me: Or a sandwich.
LB: Okay, I'll have turkey and cheese.

LB: Can I have something to drink?
Me: Water or milk?
LB: Or flavored water?
Me: Sure.
LB: Milk, please.

I see a pattern. Do you? This is how it usually goes. Unless it is something she really wants, but she knows I will not approve.

LB: Mommy, I'll just get me a snack, okay.
Me: Lilly, what are you getting?
LB: I'll show you in a minute. Okay.
Me: Show me now.
LB: I'm just going to eat a few of these sprinkles and then I'll eat my yogurt. Okay. See, I got my snack all by myself.

She really likes to get into the baking baskets and sniff out the sprinkles or chocolate chips. She gets exactly what she is after under the guise of "doing it by herself" so I don't have to get it.

I have to admire her skills. She likes to throw in a few "okays" which aren't used as questions, but rather reassurances that she's got it covered. I may have met my match!

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