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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can't Wait To Decorate!

There will be a lot of rooms in my new house that I will enjoy decorating, but I think my favorite room with be the Bug's. There's something fun about decorating a little girl's can make it completely girly and frilly and live vicariously through them since you now share your bedroom with the hubby who would rather the room be lacking in girly and frilly things.

I have already bought the Bug's bedding, a pink and green paisley set, a cute "L" sign for her door, a pink and green picture collage frame, and these Kelly Rightsell prints.

Don't worry (in case you go check them out), I definitely didn't pay those prices for them. I got them for $5 (yes, $5!) at a Buckhead Betties warehouse sale.

I also have these things picked out at Pottery Barn Kids for my little Bug's room.
The adorable frog plush.
...and one of the two rugs.

Isn't it going to be just the girliest, frilliest room ever? Maybe she'll let me sleep over! :)


  1. Her room will be stunning!! I went to that sale too! Love it!! Got all kinds of cute things!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I love the girly and constantly have to reign it in because I know my manly husband isn't into pastels, lace, florals and ruffles!

  3. omg i love chandeliers! esp in little girls rooms! awwwwww

  4. ahhh, how fun!! this room is going to be GORGEOUS and i can't wait to see the final product!! (you HAVE TO post pics!)

  5. So cute!! I love it! I still do not know what I'm doing the girls' rooms in.

  6. Love it all-What a lucky little girl . great job on the KR prints for $5 -Love her stuff ! The room is going to be amazing :)

  7. So I really want a chandelier in my room! Would it be weird to buy one thats meant for a nursery? hehehe you picked out some great stuff!!!!

  8. Lucky little bug. What a beautiful room she's going to have!! Those rugs are to die for!

  9. That chandelier is fantastic! She is going to have such a cute, girly room!


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