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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Death By Pollen...or Teething. Choose your poison.

The Bug has been battling some allergies for about 2 weeks now, but after Monkey's soccer game on Saturday she's just been getting worse. Oh, and might I mention that she's apparently cutting SIX teeth! One has broken through but the other 5 are just a puffy swollen mess.

Yesterday neither of us could take it anymore so I took her to the doctor and the poor thing was developing an ear infection from all of the "head mess" caused by the teething and allergies.

So now we are on a permanent rotation of:
Teething Tablets
Ear Drops

I hate feeling like I'm drugging my baby with so many meds, but it's the only way she seems to get relief and rest. Keeping my fingers crossed this will pass soon!


  1. I die a slow death for 2 weeks in march every single year from such allergies! ugh!

  2. Poor thing. I hope she feels better real soon.

  3. Poor thing! Chad has horrible allergies and is on a ton of meds too

  4. That stinks! I pray your bug gets well quick, quick!! Allergies are no fun, an I bet they are even more not fun with a little one! Yikes on the 6 teeth! Kelcee did that too! She was a late teether and didn't get her first tooth until she was 1 year old! I was starting to think she was gonna be toothless forever LOL! Anyways she was so miserable with them and I called the peditrician and alternated tylenol and motrin and you know those little mesh thingys that you can put bananas and stuff in, I put crushed ice in it for her and it like instant relief....oh and we used the all natural winnie the pooh teething drops that worked wonders! Who knows though every baby is different and girl I shouldn't be giving advice I only have one LOL....

    Summer :0)

  5. Poor poor bug! I can so feel your pain! My girl is cutting at least 5 teeth right now too! YIKES! We have been rotating some medicines too!! I don't think we have many teeth left to worry about now :)


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