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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...Dream Homes

I am a sucker for a beautiful home because a home means so is where you raise your family, make memories, and live your life. Beautiful doesn't always have to be "big" or "new". A dream home is simply what's perfect for you. I'm lucky enough to be building my dream home with the RedHead right now!!

Here's our dream home (or what we call our "Forever Home"):

Now if I were to buy another home, I think I'd have to go for this one!

It is a home I saw when we were on vacation on Beaufort, NC and I just love it! It's Southern, it's beautiful and it's in Beaufort...swoon!


  1. We have similar taste! A home is so important! I couldn't agree sets the tone of a family!

  2. ahhh! is that what the house you are building is going to look like? jealous!

  3. Love your picks! I love both picture! That wrap around porch is down right AMAZING!

    Hope you have a great day!

  4. first starters...i love the home ur building!

    as for the 2nd house! that would soooo be something i would choose! we are huge front porch ppl here...hence why the last 2 homes have had big ones and balconies! woohoo

  5. Both of those homes are beautiful. Those porches on the second home, though? DREAMY.

  6. love your house that your building!!!!

  7. i love your new house! and the other the double porches!


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