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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here I Am...

I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. Not really intentional or for any reason other than I've just been busy with life. Here's a hodge podge of life updates...

We had Bug's birthday party on Saturday and I think she had a great time. I still can't believe that my baby is one! Here's a few pics of the fun:

We've also been makin a lot of headway on the house! I'm sure people think we stalk the house because we are out there every (literally, EVERY) day to check out the progress. They've framed the first story and are almost finished putting up the exterior walls. As of yesterday they were framing the garage and then I guess it'll be on to the second story soon!

Boot Camp is going great!! Tomorrow I will have completed 5 of the 8 weeks and when we measured last Thursday I have lost over 11 inches! I weighed this morning and I've lost about 4 pounds, so I am getting exactly what I want (a more toned body, but not the weight loss). Hopefully in a couple more weeks I'll be "Beach Body Ready"! ;)
Maybe now I'll back to my regularly scheduled blogging! Happy Wednesday, Hump Day, Cinco de Mayo!


  1. Love that cake! And congrats on the progress of your house. That Tyvek paper is the best sight in the world...until it's covered by brick or siding, anyway.

  2. Her cake was so cute and the house is looking good! So exciting!!

  3. I love that cake. SO adorable. We're about to celebrate my lil' man's second bday soon. I can't believe it!

  4. You are looking amazing! 11 inches?? That's awesome!

  5. i love her cake!!!!! what a beautiful job!

    congrats on ur inches lost! whoop!!!

    can't wait to see all the progress on the house...we went out every week and loved walking and dreaming!

  6. Her cake is so stinkin' cute!!!! How excited you must be on the progress of your house! Yeah for you!! Keep us in on the progress :)

  7. Oh!!! And I wore the apron I won in your give away on Mother's Day...thanks again :)


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