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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Bug!

Today my precious little Bug turns ONE!! I honestly have no idea where the past year has gone, and although I'm so happy to see my little girl growing each and every day, I'm just a tiny bit sad that she's beginning to cross over from baby to toddler.
Lilly-Belle was born at 10:20 in the morning weighing in at 6lb, 9oz (despite being 4 weeks early). The previous night I had went out to eat and to a movie with two of my girlfriends and then about 11:00 that night I began to feel a little nauseous. I spent the next 5 hours battling nausea...just waiting to get sick because I was sure I had gotten food poisoning from the crab cake sandwich I'd eaten for dinner. Except I never got sick. I just started having contractions.
About 4:00am I woke the RedHead up and we had my Mama come over to stay with the Monkey until my in-laws could get there. By 5:00 we were at the hospital where I checked in and was about 3cm dialated. At 6:30 my midwife decided to break my water and then things started to pick up. I progressed fairly quickly (thank goodness since I decided against an epidural or pain meds) and at 10:20 our little Bug was born.
We stayed in the hospital for 5 days because she needed a bit of oxygen for the first 2 days and she was jaundiced, but I was able to room in with her the whole time. I was so thankful that I was able to stay because leaving Monkey at the hospital when he was in the NICU was the hardest thing.
So, one year later here we are. I am thankful for this beautiful little girl that God has blessed me with and I look forward to many more birthdays, celebrations, and milestones with my baby girl!
Happy Birthday Bug!

Lilly-Belle April 29, 2009

Bug on May the oxyhood.

Bug on May 4...our first day home!

Bug April 29, 2010

Bug with her favorite new friend, Froggy!

**Oh! And Little Miss started walking on April 16th, but is just now becoming more consistent. I took a video...alas, it is sideways so enjoy it until I am able to take another one correctly.**


  1. congrats congrats congrats congrats

    she is preciously beautiful!

  2. Aww. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. Happy birthday to your bug! Love the story - I didn't know you had a midwife and didn't use any drugs ... you are my hero!

  4. I can't believe she is already 1. It seems like you just had her yesterday! She is such a cutie! Happy birthday to Lilly Belle!

  5. soo adorable! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLY-BELLE!

  6. Happy birthday Lilly-Belle!! Sweet girl!!

  7. Happy birthday sweet Lilly-Belle!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your little Bug!!! She is such a cutie patootie!!!!!! Enjoy every moment!

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet little Bug!


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