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Friday, April 9, 2010

Top Five Friday...I Wonder

Today's post is a list of the top five things I'm wondering about right now:

#5. We are currently picking out things for our house (as we will be for the next several months), and on the list right now is a front door. I, being the visionary that I am, had the perfect door picked out in my mind's eye. I found it here, with seeded glass...perfection. Then we get it priced. I wonder...How can the glass cost MORE than the actual door?
#4. I love my children. I do not always love the tornado-esque mess they leave trailing behind them. I wonder...Why do I even bother picking up the house?
#3. I really want to get back into shape. Not scary muscle woman who looks like muscle man shape, but fit. Lean. Strong. Like I felt before children. I wonder...Will I have the willpower to stick to it?

#2. I just ordered the Bug's birthday invitations yesterday. We're having a cupcake themed party. "Cupcake" was her nickname while I was pregnant. I wonder...Where has the past year gone?#1. My Monkey has taken over the remote control. He can navigate to practically any cartoon channel we have. Scary, yes. A bit embarrassing for me, even more so! I wonder...Who snuck into my house and taught him this skill, or is it an instinct all men possess?

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Oh, and feel free to share what you're wondering.

**A big thanks to those of you who offered sleep advice for the Bug and lunch ideas for me!**


  1. A cupcake themed party will be super cute! Can't wait to see pictures! Have a great weekend ~andrea

  2. OMG those invitations are too freaking cute!

  3. When we were renovating our house we were looking at front doors and the side part with two window panes were more than the door! Seriously? That is CRAZY LOL....

    I just heart those cupcake invitations super cute! They have these cupcake aprons for mommy and daughter for cupcake parties I think I seen it on Kelly's Korner if I find it I will give ya the site!!

    I think boys and men are genetically programmed to know all things electronic Hahahaha

    Summer :0)

  4. Those two kids of yours are so adorable!! You're one lucky lady. Love hearing your stories!

  5. Something about men and's innate!

  6. Carlie had a cupcake theme party to for her 1st Birthday! I know it will be cute!


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