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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let's Do The Funky Monkey!

If you remember from last week, I happened to win Laura's birthday giveaway of all 7 flavors of the Funky Monkey Dried Fruit Snacks. You may also remember how excited I was about my win. Well, it turns out I had good reason to be excited! I received my package on Friday afternoon and by Friday evening we had already eaten 2 bags! I let my Monkey pick which one to try first and he chose the Purple Funk (banana and acai). They were so tasty we decided to try another. We went for the Carnaval Mix and it was delicious too!

Two more bags bit the dust yesterday. I took the Applemon (cinnamon-apple) to eat for a snack after my run and when I got home Monkey had eaten the Bananamon (cinnamon-banana). Can you tell that we liked them?

Needless to say, the remaining packs will not make it through this week! I just want to thank Laura again for this wonderful gift, and here's the link if you'd like to order some to try for yourself! Funky Monkey


  1. Congrats on your win girlie! oooh I may have to try some of the Funky Monkey fruit snacks....sounds pretty tasty and the name is to stinkin cute not to give it a try ha!

    Hope you had a fab weekend
    Summer :)

  2. yea! i am sooo glad they came quick! their customer service is wonderful!
    we devoured our bags in seconds flat too! wow to find something healthy the kids love! yippee!


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