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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...Cheap Thrills!

This week we're sharing the Top Two things we love for under $15. This one is hard to narrow down because despite my propensity to spend shameful amounts of money on handbags and shoes, most of the things I love cost under $15. Here are two of many.

#1. Canella's peachy, it's bubbly, it's divine! I get it at our local wine shoppe, but I'm pretty sure you can get it at the big wine stores like Total Wine. ~$15

#2. Essie Nail Polish. They make the prettiest colors and it goes on so smoothly it gives you the same look as when you have your nails polished at the salon. ~$8

Happy Tuesday, and go ahead over to Taylor's at The Undomestic Momma and link up your Top Two!


  1. Love both picks! I will need to try that wine!!

  2. I love both picks! I will be trying the Canella Bellini- I am actually excited about ti!! Thanks

  3. Definitely going to have to try the Canella Bellini. Sounds soooo good!

  4. ok i like peachy and i like bubbly and i like anything divine! thanks!

  5. I have never tried either one of those but I am so gonna have to now! The Canella Bellini sounds oh so yummy! I am gonna have to try it! Thanks for the tip! I lik peachy and bubbly so I'm sure I'm gonna love it!

    Summer :0)

  6. That wine looks great, I may have to give it a try ~ SOON!

  7. OMG!!!! I use nothing but essie!!! I've been wearing Mademoiselle for about 15 years!!! Gotta try that wine!

  8. Girl, I'll take wine recommendations any day of the week!! Please, keep 'em coming ;-)

  9. LOVE the polish! That's the one I use too. I have never heard of that drink, but can I just tell you it sounds like it is right up my alley. I usually make peach bellini's, which are good too, but a lot more work!


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