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Friday, April 2, 2010

Top Five Friday...Getting Springified

My goal this week was to get myself "Springified." Yep, it's my own made up means to prepare yourself for Spring. And with temps in the upper 70s to mid 80s, there's a lot of motivation to do just that. Here's the 5 things I did to Springify myself this week:
#5. Cross that cardigan off my 'to-buy' list from a few weeks back. I did so well using coupons this week that I stayed in budget and I actually did use the Old Navy coupon to buy this cardi that was on sale anyway for $15. My price: $10.5!
#4. Get my nails did. I went on Wednesday and got a mani/pedi because a girl's can't be puttin' those neglected winter feet into pretty Spring sandals. I chose a pretty pink-coral color by OPI, Bright Lights. #3. FINALLY make that much needed trip to the eye doctor. I could tell my vision had changed after Bug was born and I've been putting off my appt mostly because of not wanting to pay for it, but when my HSA sent notification that I was eligible for a free yearly eye exam plus the store where I get my glasses offers a 30% discount for BCBS cardholders, I knew it was time.

**For the life of me I can not find a picture of the frames I ordered!**

#2. I cleaned out my makeup bag. My bag was long overdue, so I threw out anything that I hadn't worn in over a month or that was more than 6 months old. I cleaned my brushes and when I have a little extra money, I've picked out a new blush I want. Bare Minerals in Hint!
#1. I went and had the glare knocked off this white body of mine. I have sworn off the tanning bed after having 2 precancerous spots taken off of my head several years ago, so I opted to try something new. I did the Mystic Tan and I love it! I did the light color and it was just enough to give me a little glow; no orange oompa loompa, no streaking...just a natural color so I won't blind anyone when I wear my shorts this weekend. Are you prepped for Spring?! *Thanks Google and Old Navy for the pics.


  1. LOVE that cardigan! I think I may need one as well!

  2. O.K. girly you crack me up! I heart making up words I call them Summerisms LOL....I just love the springified....super cute may have to use that one....hahahahaha
    I heart opi was 80 degrees here we had so much fun today....
    I just love that cardigan
    Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend
    Summer :0)

  3. I got an Old Navy cardi today too with the same coupon and discount! What a cute steal! Go us!

  4. Love the cardigan! Also, I use BareMinerals blush and it is fantastic! Plus, it lasts forever! I've had mine for a few months and have barely knocked a hole in it.

    I'll be blogging soon. I've been bad, but I'm finally home for the Easter weekend. We adopted a PUPPY (!!!) so we've been busy! Once he sits still long enough for a picture, I'm back to blogging! :)

  5. Love the cardigan! Very cute.

  6. Oh you just reminded me I need to clean out my makeup bag today. I am springifying too! (love the word)

    Here from Vodka Mom. You are a riot and I love the design of your page. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  7. i did the mystic tan once and freaked out in it..i inhaled while it was spraying haha and then when i got out i freaked out and rubbed my skin w/towels too hard that i wiped the spray off
    so i just stay white!!


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