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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hit...and Miss

I happen to love Marie Claire magazine. I don't subscribe, but I do buy it if I'm looking for a good girlie magazine and the past couple months I've been lucky to get it from a friend secondhand. :) While I was reading May's issue, I noticed a trend. I either loved or hated each article. To me it seemed like this issue was written for two very different people. I'm sure the magazine is always like draw in a variety of people, but for some reason some of the things just bugged me more than usual.

What I consider a Hit:

Sara Silverman's "In the BAG". This feature is on the last page and they ask a celebrity to reveal what's in their bag. Sarah's is much more realistic than most featured. Pens, gum, lipstick, tissue...normal things. Unlike some of the items featured in previous months.

The article about how a punishment Tala Raassi received urged her to pursue a dream. A wonderful article about success and empowerment.

Jessica Simpson's feature on natural beauty...air-dried hair and no makeup are the tag lines. Not sure if I completely believe the no makeup, but still beautiful and definitely minimal. I just love Jessica!

And now for the MISSES!

Miss #1: The caption says "Money Bags Nothing says 'I'm the boss' like bringing home the bacon in rich carryalls the color of cash" You won't be bringing home much bacon when you're buying a purse that costs $1795, a pen (Yes a PEN) for $1,115, $750 shoes and a $1,995 camera. Really?

Miss #2: Dear Marie Claire, I don't want to look like a twelve year old girl, so quit putting them in your magazine as fashion guides.

Miss #3: Splurge vs. Steal...hmmm. I don't think I'd go for this look if it were free! Boyshort bikini bottoms with heels and a jacket. Who thinks of this stuff?

And finally, Miss #4: Dear Marie Claire, Just an one wants a bathing suit that would leave a diagonal tan line across their belly. And if the item is "Price Upon Request" leave it out. We can't afford it.

I guess this is why Marie Claire is successful. A little something for everyone. Whether you like thought provoking or mind numbing, it's in there. Just kidding...but really, who would wear boyshorts with heels?

*all pics from my MC May magazine...and yes I'll still be reading in June.


  1. I'm with you here girl. I am very torn on my feelings for Marie Claire. I like some articles, although it is becoming more uncommon for me with agree with anything they post anymore. And their shopping list...HOLY COW...everything is uuber expensive! Hope you have a great day! ~Andrea

  2. I am with you! I wouldn't even stop on the pages of some of those articles. And I don't care how "high fashion" boyshort bikinis with a jacket is, I won't do it!

  3. The boy short bottoms with heels kind of reminds me of a beauty pageant in the 40s - but then she's got a dumb jacket as a cover up.
    I can't afford anything in those magazines. Even the "save" versions (rather than "splure") are usually a $100+ for stuff that you could only use a few times.

  4. Your commentary on the all the misses was too funny! Even if you had the money, would you really buy a pen worth that much? I sure wouldn't! Happy Monday!

  5. I love this post and I think we have teh same taster in articles! The one with the boyshorts in heels did have me laughing!

    Happy Monday!

  6. bahaha - the "price upon request" seriously cracks me up

  7. Haha, too funny! "Price upon request"=poor business model!

  8. those boyshorts!! I wear them every chance I walmart, foodlion and the library.

  9. Oh man! I can't get over those hideous, high-waisted shorts! Who, honestly, would wear those??

  10. I gotta say that I do love headbands sometimes. Have you seen pieces? Gorgeous! But the other day I saw a scrunchie in a magazine. Carrie Bradshaw would die!


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