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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day Deux...and I Can See!

So this morning was day 2 of boot camp...I think it should be called "Kick Your Booty" Camp instead, but whatever. I think our instructor must have a kind heart because she didn't make us run to the park today. Instead, we did a metabolic routine which still kicked my hiney, but it was infinitely better than running. It was a set of exercises that you do and then once you finish you have a short rest. We did 2 sets, ran 5 laps around the gym, 2 more sets and then an ab routine. I can definitely see how this will get you into shape.
The instructor also gave us a sheet about modifying our diet. It explained that while you can lose weight with diet alone and no exercise, you can also gain weight with exercise and no diet modifications. How convenient that you can build muscle 'under' your fat! Go figure.

I think I'm good with breakfast and dinner ideas, but I'm stumped for lunch. I've added a protein shake right after I work out, and my from my body analysis it is suggested I eat between 70-100 grams of protein a day. So, calling all P90X-ers, Shredheads, and other exercise queens, what should I be eating (especially lunch ideas)? Great taste is optional, but appreciated.

Oh, and here's me in my new specs! I am amazed at what a difference they make. I'm sure anyone who passed me on the highway last night thought I had issues because I kept looking over my glasses, then through them to see the difference. Sight is a wonderful thing!


  1. That is awesome you are working out and like it! I hope how soon I can work out again, right now my muscle strength will not allow me to do so, but hopefully once I am in remission I can! I love your glasses super cute....You totally rock them!


  2. What is your instructor's name. I think I know her. She has dark hair and like 5 kids! She is really cute.

    If it is the same girl i'm thinking of, we used to buy protein drink mix from her and it was really good!

    I love the glasses! I have always wanted glasses but I don't need them. Ha! I just thought it would be fun to wear them.

  3. Good for you for working out so hard. I love the new glasses! They look great on you.

  4. keep up the good work!! even if they are bustin' your little hiney!!

    love the new glasses!!

  5. They look great! (I love doing that too, BTW. Through the glasses, over the glasses. Through the glasses... It makes such a difference, especially when looking at trees, doesn't it?)

  6. Love the new glasses! I eat a lot of chicken caesar salads for lunch. Also, a basic quesadilla with minimal cheese and lots of goodness inside (black beans, onions, green pepper) is quick, easy, and healthy.

  7. Keep it up girl! Loving those glasses on you...tooooo cute :)

  8. Cute glasses; they look great on you! Way to keep up with the boot camp! :)

  9. You go girl!!!!! The hardest part is starting! I looooove going to the gym....I do 6-8 classes a week...and boot camp is one of my favs! You'll start seeing results QUICK!

  10. I so want to do a boot camp and get my diet in line! I always eat like a ham or turkey sandwich for lunch and like a 100 calorie pack...I don't know


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