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Sunday, July 8, 2012

15 weeks

Here we are at 15 seems weird that I'm "only" 15 weeks, but I guess that's natural when you find out at only 3 weeks along. I have an appointment this week and I will start my 17p shots so hopefully this little butter bean will make it to 37+ weeks!

The Belly:

Hi Point: Feeling more and more flutters. I started feeling them at 13 weeks, but they were very sporadic and light. Now I feel them almost daily.

Lo Point: The heat. It takes my breath away. Bless anyone who is 9 months pregnant in the summer!

Siblings: Colson has been particularly touchy this week, giving the baby lots of hugs.

Cravings: Butterfinger candybars, mom's macaroni salad, and still craving watermelon.

Lbs: +8 One strange thing that happened was when I went to the doctor a week ago for an upper respiratory infection, I had lost 2.5 lbs from my weight 2 weeks earlier. They assured me this was normal, but I never lost even a tenth of a pound with either of my other two pregnancies. I guess it's from running around after them all day!

Looking Forward To: My doctor's visit this week, and then my ultrasound visit at 18 weeks!


  1. I'm really enjoying the updates! I'm long past baby days and don't have anyone in my life at this point who's having babies, so seeing your progress is nice! Praying for you that all goes well!


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