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Sunday, July 29, 2012

18 weeks

18 we go!

The Belly:

Hi Point: Having my mid-term ultrasound. You know the one...where you get to find out if it's a boy or girl. Except we didn't. This one's going to be a surprise! We did get to see our sweet little baby snuggled up in my belly though!
 Facing the back. Using the placenta as a pillow.
 The best profile we could get. This baby wouldn't budge!
All snuggled up! That's a leg in front of the face and a foot up top.

Lo Point: See (Lbs). The weight gain and general growth of my belly is getting a bit uncomfortable. Mostly during sleep, but also if I have to sit for a long time. This doesn't bode well for the upcoming months.

Siblings:We had several playdates with friends who have little babies (3-4 months) and Lilly-Belle was fascinated with them! She loved helping feed one of them, and the other she offered her lovey to for snuggling. I hope she's as tender and sweet with her own little baby brother or sister.

Cravings: English Muffins with butter and honey. I had one every morning this week for breakfast.

Lbs: +15 I knew it was coming!

Looking Forward To: The crib arriving this week! I am ready to get started setting up the nursery.


  1. You look adorable. I want another baby. I think next summer is when we are going to start trying. Seeing pregnant bellies makes me want one now.

  2. You look fantastic & so fashionable!!
    So excited for you! Come get a prenatal massage! I'm certified in that!

  3. You look great!! I'm definitely craving an english muffin with honey now after reading this :) Can't wait to follow along and watch your baby grow! The ultrasound pictures are so wonderful! I can't imagine how wonderful that feeling is when you see them for the first time on the screen!


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