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Sunday, July 22, 2012

17 Weeks

17 weeks and counting...

The Belly:

Hi Point: Doing some online shopping and ordering bedding for Butter Bean's nursery! Here's what I ordered:
The Harper Yellow Crib Bumper and Mini Medallion Sheet

The Georgia Gray Chevron Crib Skirt

The Gray Elephant Crib Sheet

The Reversible Changing Table Gray Geo Box

The Gray Bananafish Mobile

Lo Point: Crazy preggo horomones that make you cry for no reason at all. But then your hubby brings home Hot Fudge Cake and you feel better. 

Siblings: Naughty. Naughty. Naughty. I tried to go shopping for the baby this week, but all I heard was, "I want, I want!" and "Me, Me, Me!" Not to worry; I've spoken with both of them and told them how unattractive this behavior is.

Cravings: Hot Fudge Cake, Fried Shrimp I had a dream about eating it, so I got it for dinner the next night. It was a dream come true. ;)

Lbs: +10-11

Looking Forward To: Having my ultrasound this week and seeing that sweet baby face! 


  1. Hi
    I love the yellow and gray especially the gray and white chevron crib skirt.


  2. Oh that nursery is going to be beautiful!!!! You look great!

  3. you look AMAZING! and your nursery will too!

    xo brie


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