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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas 2012

This holiday season seemed to pass by in a blur! A six year old, three year old, and 3 week old kept us quite busy.

Our elf, Reddy, visited again this year!

We had Lilly-Belle's preschool Christmas program. Her favorite song was This Little Light of Mine. 
Shaking those Jingle Bells!
 This year we decided to pass on the gigantic real tree we've had the past two years and opted to just use one of the artificial ones that we had. I named her "Minnie" and this is the only picture I have...once Santa had dropped off the kids' loot.

Christmas morning, Nick cooked his traditional biscuits and gravy and we had his parents, brother, and my mom over to eat and open presents.
Lilly-Belle playing a song for Sam

Colson throwing darts at his new dart board
Sam chilling on his playmat

Mama snuggling with all of the babes

The cousins with their GiGi, great-grandmother

We celebrated with family and everyone loved on was a wonderful Christmas (even if I didn't take but a few pictures). :)

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