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Monday, January 14, 2013

Life With Three

Time for blogging is scarce these days as our family adjusts to having a new baby in the home. Simply keeping up with laundry is a full time job...I did four loads yesterday and there's one in the wash now. Enough excuses as to why I haven't written lately. Here are a few truths about life with three.

-Timing is everything. This is especially true when it comes to lunch and naps. It is like a carefully choreographed dance in order to get both fed and asleep so that they have a good nap before I wake them to go pick up Colson at school.

-#2 will not be like #1. Colson was always so patient while I had to feed Lilly if he needed something (snack, video put on, etc). Lilly is not so patient. If I'm unavailable, she'll simply do it herself...which usually results in her climbing on cabinets, turning on water, or some other dangerous/messy action.

-Going anywhere is like a three ring circus. First, we all have to pile into the car (careful to make sure the one in the middle gets in before the two in the outside seats. Get everyone buckled, find a place for the massive diaper bag, warn everyone not to touch each other, and off we go. Then, the second act occurs once we arrive. Adults out, stroller out, baby out, and then Colson and LB out (which has to occur last so we make sure LB doesn't take off across the parking lot). It makes me tired thinking about it!

-And then there are moments where I have Sam on my lap on the couch or in the bed and Colson and Lilly-Belle snuggle up beside me and talk to their little Sam-a-do, each trying to get a smile or for him to reach for their finger. These moments calm me from all of the crazy moments. They warm my heart and make me so thankful that I have a life with three. A busy, crazy, lovely life with three.


  1. This made me giggle! Exactly my life...but it's so worth all the crazy days!

  2. Love this post!! Crazy beautiful---life with three. :)


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