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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Weekend Update

What I'm reading:
 Ha! With a newborn, the most reading I do is on Twitter (140 characters at a time).
What I'm watching:
Downton Abbey  Can I just say I love this show!

What I'm eating:
The RedHead and I are trying to eat clean so there's lots of veggies, quinoa, chicken, oats, pitas, hummus, and fruit smoothies.

What I'm drinking:
Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee Coffee for the Keurig

What I'm loving:
Morning snuggles with my babes, enjoying a beer for the first time in a long time, and having other new mamas to talk "baby talk" with!

What I'm hating:
The promise of snow that doesn't deliver. Only a dusting the first time, and sleet and freezing rain the next. Boo Hiss!

What I'm wearing:
Pre-pregnancy jeans...yeah baby! (Nevermind the muffin top. If they button they fit and nobody better say anything to me about it.)

Where I'm going:
How about where I'd like to go? Back to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic where the RedHead and I honeymooned.

Where I'm shopping:
Not doing any actual shopping these days, but I do enjoy perusing online. Here are a few things in my imaginary shopping cart.

Marley Lilly Tank

These awesome sweatpants...I need either Fancy Pants or Sassy Pants

Old Gringo Boots (because I'm a sucker for boots!)

What's going on with you?

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