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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Confessions

I am linking up with Catalyn this week to share my confessions...

Confession 1: I have been meaning to write a post since the first week that she hosted the link-up, but it just never seemed to happen. (Lazybones!)

Confession 2: I think it's a total waste to do you hair when it's raining. Just pile that mess up in a bun!

Confession 3: I think so many more things are possible after morning coffee which is why I'm glad this lovely has entered my life. Thank you to the RedHead!

Confession 4: I have a slight obsession with dishes. I currently have 2 sets: the first set are the ones that we got for our wedding and the second set are ones that I fell in love with (from Walmart of all places) by Better Homes and Gardens.

If I could get another set I'd buy these:
Aren't they gorgeous!

Confession 5: This post took me twice as long to write as it should have because it was written while trapped under a nursing baby...which coincidentally is how this blog was started back in 2009 when Lilly-Belle was just 3 months old!

What do you have to confess today?

Misty, Southern Belle Mama


  1. I agree, morning coffee is a must! I can't seem to get much done without it lately!

  2. I've often wondered if we would love a Keurig!!
    I love coffee, too!

  3. My hair is currently in a bun due to the yucky day we are having! And those dishes are beautiful!

  4. Ummmm.....I LOOOVE those white plates! Are they the Walmart ones? Please say yes because I WANT them!

  5. I LOVE dishes! Maybe it's a Southern thing? I don't know but when I registered for the wedding I ended up getting more obsessed about the Christmas china options than the regular china patterns. I want all the Christmas china!


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