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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bringing It Back...Top 5 Friday

*I just realized today isn't Friday, it's Thursday. Crap. Oh well, I'll just leave it up.*

I've been on a break from posting my Top 5 Friday, but due to circumstances this week (which I could not cohesively share in any other post) I'm bringing it back.

Experiences in Motherhood...This week I've:

1. had oatmeal sneezed at me


2. recovered 5 random pair of underwear from Monkey's room. Locations included the toy box and on top of the television.

3. lamented the appearance of "the girls" in my bathing suit after birthing 2 babes.

4. experienced the Bug taking her shoes off, standing in the highchair, and testing her lung capacity in the middle of Sushi Thai ...prompting me to once again realize that I have what can only be described as one of "THOSE" children. (Thank goodness this side of her isn't always present.)

5. given up, cried uncle, waved the white flag, and surrendered to they toys. The mess is here to stay.


  1. i think we should be best friends! our dd are twins minus the red hair ...everything you described could be my life...
    even down to the 'crap i thought today was friday' except i thought today was wed

  2. This post is too funny! Oh, I'm so looking forward to the joys of motherhood :-) Very cute blog!

  3. So funny! A favorite post for sure! Ain't motherhood a blast?!

  4. Oh man, #3. Come summer time, there's no denying #3.


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