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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cuppy-Cakes, Check!

Yesterday we checked the bakery trip off of our Summer List. We went and got cupcakes; Monkey got orange (like there's any other color) and Bug got a yellow one. The original plan was to eat them at the bakery, but once I was there I considered that they might frown upon the sight of me stripping my baby down naked to eat her treat.'ll see why I insist upon this in a moment.
Before we begin...

An orange shirt and orange is good!

The no hands approach...Going,



  1. Naked cupcake eating? Cutest thing ever!

  2. What a cutie pie! If faceplanting into cupcakes was socially acceptable, I'd probably eat them like that too! :) ha!

  3. She tore it up! Way to go Lilly-Belle!!

  4. ha! we have diaper-clad dessert at our house too. (and italian meals.)

  5. How cute! There are certain things that require that we strip our 16-month-old daughter naked before eating, as well!


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