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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Readers,

Please excuse my absence as I've been extremely busy putting little check marks beside boxes on our Summer List! I had totally planned on being a better blogger last week, but when the phone rang Thursday and the RedHead proposed that we head for the beach that afternoon I said, "THUNDERCATS ARE GO!" and promptly threw everything we own into several suitcases and waited by the door so we could leave asap. It was an impromptu trip, but a much needed one. We had a fabulous time and made many memories.

Here are a few pics of the babes at the beach:

We also: Ate oysters and shrimp every night...played arcade games and spent $5 to earn enough tickets to buy some Sugar Babies and a watergun...swam every day...and Monkey rode his first "Big Boy" ride at the carnival. He rode the SeaDragon (you know the big ship that swings side to side); he was just tall enough by his hair and although the RedHead and I though for sure he was going to cry, he LOVED it! I was so proud of him for being brave. :)

We've also checked off "Blow Bubbles" and "Visit the Children's Museum" off of our list:

Monkey Covered In Bubbles!
Blowing A BIG Bubble!

The Edible Schoolyard at Greensboro Children's Museum
Monkey being the weatherman
Bug driving the "Bambulance"
Monkey hauling Nana and Bug off to jail
Collecting eggs from the chickies
Cooking in the play house

Hope you enjoyed this lengthy picture montage! Like I said, we've been busy having fun!!


  1. Glad you're having fun! It's totally worth the blogging break, I'd wager!

  2. If you're absent from blogging because you're getting out with your kids, I'd say that's a good thing. I'm glad y'all are having fun!

  3. Man I want to go to the beach so bad!! All these people need to stop getting married so I can have a free weekend!! I love LB's curls on top of her head.. They are both SO cute!


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