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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Simple Summertime

When I started this blog last August, one of my first posts was about Summertime. I thought I'd repost this and make a few ammendments to my list.

These are a few of my favorite things (summertime edition):

1. Fresh vegetables (I like mine fried of course because we are in the South darlin')--fried okra, squash, green tomatoes. Still love all of these veggies, but I now like to slap those fried green tomatoes on a BLT and it is heaven, let me tell ya!

2. A tall glass of sweet tea (add Firefly vodka) or homemade lemonade (add Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum).

3. Lazy days spent in the cool of the house because it's just to hot to even think of moving. Lazy days spent at the pool because heaven help me if I hear the words "I'm bored" or "What are we going to do today?" one more time!

4. Babies in bathing suits (their little chunky thighs are irresistible!) Both of my babes in their monkey swimsuits...precious! (I should have a pic but I don't and I'm not about to stage one so I'll post that later.)

5. Sundresses. Light, airy, short sundresses. Light, airy, "Lilly" sundresses.

6. No cook meals (too hot to turn on the stove) cucumber sandwiches, salads, cereal with fresh berries or peaches. Still eating those cucumber sandwiches, cantaloupe, hummus, and a Southern Girl's best friend...watermelon.

7. Dairy Queen: a butterscotch dipped cone of icecream (where I live our DQ is only open for the summer months) I've been getting these since I was a little girl and lived so close that I could walk there every day. Our DQ didn't reopen this summer (if only I had the $ to buy the franchise), so we frequent the drug store for milkshakes, orangeaides, and old fashioned cherry cokes.

8. Cookouts with good friends...tasty food, kids playing, laughing.Summertime is my favorite time. We haven't hosted a cookout yet. We've been so wrapped up with building our house that it's left little time for much else. This is a great reminder that we need to slow down and enjoy our summer. Hopefully we'll host a cookout soon!


  1. Babies in bathing suits are precious! I just can't stand to to pinch their little fat legs! Hope you have a great day! ~Andrea

  2. I recently discovered Firefly and I am loving it! Yes, babies in bathing suits is the cutest thing ever.

    I don't think I've turned on my stove for the last week and a least, probably longer! I have a gas stove, so it makes the kitchen even hotter!

  3. We had fried squash, okra and green tomatoes for supper last night!

    BTW, your new house is going to be beautiful!

  4. mmmm, we're summer soul sisters! I love all these things, too! Must be girls that grew up in the South!

  5. Man I want some fried okra now! I think im going to the store to get some!

  6. Love your summertime list!! I'm into Malibu rum these instantly feels like your in the tropics when you take your first sip!

  7. ahhhh i love all of this!!! especially the part with firefly ;)


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