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Monday, June 28, 2010

I've found a way to make my millions

Now here's my idea so don't even think of stealing it because I'm pretty sure that if you write it down then you own it so I'm copyright/patent/calling dibs* on this here idea.

I am going to start a support group/therapy/rehab center for ETSY addicts. I came upon this idea because I myself am an etsy addict. I went to peruse the site for a few home decor items and I never made it past the wall decals.

This place is a black hole! It sucks you in and before you know it your kids are running around naked and there's chex mix all over the floor.

Don't ask.

I know I can't be the only one, so I'm betting this rehab idea will really take off. Then I'll spend my profits on a house full of wall decals (or maybe just these 3 because if I slap one on every wall it may just be tacky...but maybe not.)

[for the guest room]

[for the laundry]

[for Bug's room]
*excuse the /...I like them today.


  1. You made me laugh right out loud! Um I would soooo use your service LOL...or need to anyway but won't admit it ha! ha! My name is Summer and I am addicted to Etsy! Don't ask but I just paid 60.00 for a custom made SpongeBob outfit for Kelcee LOL...

    Looooooove those decals I am in love with the second one....

    Girl that is so funny about what your kiddos may or may not have been doing....Kelcee likes to run around in her diapie and stomp cheerios in the floor, um don't ask :0)
    Ha Ha Ha Ha


  2. You're right, lady. Etsy is a BIG black hole! It really does just suck you in! I love love those wall decals. Those are some of the cutest ones I've seen. You MUST get them!

  3. LOVE THE LAUNDRY ONE! what's the eta on the house? i'm coming to visit! haha i'll bring dessert!

  4. That is a total HOOOOOT!!! I get in there and get lost for hours too! Sign me up :)


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