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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Get Low!

Another milestone in my Bug's baby life happened last night. I had put her to bed and like usual she was cooing (okay, maybe a bit of crying too) herself to sleep so I didn't think much of it...but she just. wouldn't. quit. I went back in to get her and try feeding her a little more and to my surprise the little priss was standing up in her crib! I should have known this was coming, but I think I'm in denial because I just want her to stay little a bit longer. So we lowered her crib mattress and I cried a few invisible tears because my baby is already taking steps away from being a baby! I've seen this happen before...
one day you have this: (My Monkey at 1 year)
And then you turn around and there's this:(My Monkey at 3 years)
I know these moments won't last forever and that is why I'm enjoying every minute of Bug being a baby.

On a side note, my first day tutoring went extremely well! I made it and believe it or not, my babes did too. I thought they'd miss me a little more?! :)


  1. What a lovely post! Isn't it crazy to watch how fast they grow up?

    I tagged you for the Beautiful Blog Award :) Congratulations Mama!


  2. they do grow up so fast...i guess that's why i keep having them! ha ha

  3. Such a cute little guy you have! They do grow up so very fast. I have a sassy 3 year old girl myself!


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