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Friday, January 8, 2010

Top Five Friday...Tha Drank

I've noticed how other bloggers do some sort of post for a particular day of the week and I really thought I'd like to try it, but I just never found the one for me. "Not Me Monday" where you tell what you really did, but say you didn't was just too confusing for me (sad, I know). TMI Tueday, not really my style...a lady just doesn't reveal it all. Wordless Wednesday. Ummm, I stink at photography. HNT-Half Naked Thursday. Not.A.Chance. So I thought of "Top Five Friday." I'm sure it's been done or is being done elsewhere, but it just came to me and since I have a love affair with lists, I think I'll like it!

For my first Top Five Friday, I'll share with you my top five favorite cocktails.
#5. The Cosmopolitan...pretty good anywhere you get one.

#4. Vodka and Cranberry with a splash of Pineapple juice...very tasty, but a mouthful to order.

#3. Amaretto of the first drinks I had and fell in love with. What I drink when I really don't want to drink.

#2. Margarita...this one can go from #2 to bottom of the list if not done correctly. I have one restaurant that I love to go to and I order a Jumbo Top Shelf Margarita, on the rocks, no salt and it is divine!

And #1. Bonefish Grille's Pomegranate Martini...and I love those little frozen grapes so I always want extra. (and if they won't give me extra then I just order another martini)

So there it is, my first Top Five. Any suggestions for a new beverage to try that might break into the list?


  1. Oooohh an amaretto sour! That was one of the first drinks I fell in love with too. I haven't had one of those in ages. I usually go with the apple martini (some places even put caramel along the rim), but I'm definitely getting an amaretto sour next time I'm out!


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