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Friday, January 22, 2010

Top Five Friday...My Monkey

I have been thinking about how much I love my little Monkey and how many smiles and laughs he brings into my life, so I thought this week I'd share my Top 5 pictures of him that bring me joy! (...and I feel that this will be edition one of several in the future because I had a hard time just choosing 5!)
This is what happens when my Monkey doesn't have a nap. He plays till he passes out!
Here he is at 6 months...the child put his tongue out in every picture we took for about 3 months.

#3. Here's his interpretation of Gangsta' Monkey. Everyone knows undies on your head is cool.

#2. Not sure what to say about this stands on its own!

#1. One morning the child came walking into the living room after waking and had a penny stuck to his head. He was obviously not amused that I wanted to take his picture that early in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I do!


  1. Too Cute!! The "playing till he passes" out picture is my fav!

  2. misty those were the cutest pics! thanks for sharing! he's precious!


  4. Um, so cute! & he has the most adorable little adult-looking facial expressions, too!


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