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Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Highlights

Here's the highlights of the weekend (not because I don't want to write, but because the Bug is a demanding little thing that will not give me more than 2 minutes of peace).

Went to a baby shower for a friend...held a newborn...officially got baby fever again.

Got together with a group of girls from college to have lunch, talk, randomly decide to watch video of scary moments from my bachelorette party, then need a drink to erase it from my memory again.

The Bug decides that sleep is for the weak and reverts back to her newborn days of eating every 3 hours through the night and will only go to sleep on my chest.

Go to Sunday School because my Monkey L.O.V.E.S going to church! This makes me a very happy Mama!

Grocery shopping. Where I manage to spend a lot of money and leave with minimal food.

Bug repeats her eating/sleeping routine. I officially lose the baby fever I had caught.

Sleep to 9am, awaken to breakfast in bed and the kids being sent to the sitter's so I can have a leisurely day to myself. Okay, this part was just a dream. Actually awaken at 5am to a screaming babe who demands to eat 4 times in 2 hours. Nurse twice, bottle twice. Can we say growth spurt?!

Go with my Mama and the babes to have Bug's picture taken in her Christening gown. They are lovely!

Ride out to land to see where the RedHead met with the contractor and marked the house corners.

Now you're up to speed and from the screaming coming from the nursery I'm guessing we're in for night 3 of this new bedtime routine. If you don't hear from me for a few days it's because I'm trying to get this child to sleep! Please send encouragement...


  1. well your post made me smile! i always have baby fever hence why we are ttc #5? it's that or insanity!
    how many times have i come home from the store w/a receipt a mile long and not enough goods to show for it...(well according to my hubby anyways)
    and as for your dream....a girl can always dream! ;o)

  2. You can make it...the growth spurts usually only last a few days! And I like the dream...that is a great idea to give the hubby a "not so subtle hint" for Valentine's Day :)


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