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Monday, January 4, 2010

Pot O' Tea + Elbow Grease + Napping Babes = WIN!

It's a good thing us Southerners are good at obsessing (usually we obsess over food or our hair, but cleaning will do), because I am pretty much doing a cleaning overhaul on this house.

I began by drinking a pot full of my yummy tea and making a list for the day. I made two lists actually; a cleaning list and a list of things I need to purchase to help organize my home. Since shopping was not in the cards today I began with my cleaning. By the end of the day I had...
-washed all of my pottery pieces, tea sets, wine glasses
-dusted and washed every shelf in my kitchen
-cleaned the stove
-cleaned my laundry room top to bottom
-dusted my bedroom and dining room furniture
-cleaned the bathtub, sink and the toilet (all I can say is eww, boys!)
-and washed Bug's diapers

Whew, I'm tired just writing it! Even if I fail at my resolution tomorrow, today was good. My house is at least one layer of dust lighter and I already feel better. And what of those two adorable babes? Well, I'm all for bribery with milkshakes and today I was blessed with a full 3 hour nap...for both the same time! It's like winning the lottery for a mama! Maybe if I get brave I'll post a few pics tomorrow.

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  1. I LOVE the three hour nap idea!! I can't believe you got all that done, I gotta get to work!


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