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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laundry Fail

So ya' want to know what's NOT fun??? That would be going through the laundry fail that happened to me yesterday. Domestic goddess that I am, I decided to multitask several chores so I threw in a load of laundry and went off to sweep and wash up the dishes. I heard the machine cut off went to the mud room to switch everything to the dryer. When I opened the machine, nothing could have prepared me for what I discovered.

No, it wasn't a red sock in with the whites...or bleach on my darks.
It was something that is supposed to help prevent messes. Yep, it was a pull-up. Let me rephrase that, a Busted Pull-Up! My Monkey still wears them sometimes at night just as a precaution, but no more. I'd rather wash sheets a hundred times over to avoid the mess I made yesterday. In my haste to accomplish maximum work in minimum time, I overlooked the pull-up that was in a pair of pajama pants. As I pulled each article of clothing out of the washer, I had to shake off a thousand of little gel pellets. It was an absolute mess! Two rinse cycles later, the clothes were mostly clean and I was able to dry them (no harm done). Moral of the story:

A bad job done twice is never as good as a well job done once.

...or my moral: feign incompetence and hope your hubby will do the laundry instead.


  1. LOL that is too funny & frustrating at the same time! I can totally see myself doing something like that...or washing my hubby's cell phone like I did a few weeks ago.

  2. ha ha ha
    my husband finds my disposable breast pads in the washer a lot....lolllllllllllll

  3. haha too funny! I once washed a fluorescent light bulb in the wash!

  4. hahaha A friend of mine who has little boys once found a worm (still alive) that had gone through a wash cycle. I guess its one of those weird rights of passage for mamas! Congratulations? lol

  5. Seriously, if that works, let me know. I'll stick a whole package of pull-ups in the wash if it gets me out of laundry duty!


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