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Thursday, March 25, 2010

For Lack of a Better Post...

I'm a bit stuck as of late...I don't know if it's the weather (these gorgeous Spring days entice me to be out and about rather than behind the computer) or just plain old writer's block (if I would consider myself a writer), but I just don't have a whole lot to share. So, for lack of a more intriguing post, I thought I'd share some of my favorite "Colsonisms" that our little Monkey has shared.

After spinning around and around, "Mommy, why is the house turning?"

Upon being called to the bathroom to once again examine his poo, "Oh man...I think it's hiding it that cave down there!"

While driving in the car one night, "Hey! Why's the moon following us?"

As I was eavesdropping on him playing alone in his room, "I thought I told you guys, 'No hitting!' That's it. Time out." (Apparently, even imaginary friends have time out.)

While playing basketball with his Nana he made the comment about a fellow imaginary teammate, "Between you and me, she's not very good."

This child keeps me laughing every day...I do love him so!
The hairstyle I tried to talk him into wearing for his class picture day today at Preschool...he wasn't having it. At least the boy has some sense about him.


  1. Too funny! And I love the hair lol!

  2. That hair makes me laugh! What a cutie!

  3. That is funny! He is a little ham!

  4. ha ha...would have made for an awesome picture! :o)
    i love how their minds think! don't you want to freeze them forever?!!!

  5. Cute, Cute!! Glad you enjoyed my farm pictures! We all live in God's country :)!!! But, I think God really loves the South because, well, why wouldn't he?! Shhh, don't tell I said that hehe ;) Have a blessed day up in God's country!

  6. He looks so much like the Redhead in this picture!!

  7. Yep....that confirms it!! Kids say the funniest things!!

  8. I love/cringe when I overhear my daughter playing alone or with friends. She imitates me without meaning to and she nails my words and tone. Most of the time it's funny, but sometimes? It's like having my own, private conviction party.

    PS: don't sweat the writer's block. we all get it and understand how you're feeling.

  9. What a funny boy! Those are great!


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