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Friday, March 12, 2010

Top Five Friday...Spring Wishes

Ok, I was having a moment this morning...I really don't like when things go a bit whack, but I'm a bit calmer now. I got my m-i-l's belated birthday gift, I'm putting off Monkey's 4 year old pictures until Monday, and I'm not going to let this test tomorrow get me stressed out. I am totally relying on dinner with my girlfriends (and maybe a margarita) to help me block out the worries of tomorrow.

My Top Five this week is inspired by the gorgeous Spring weather we've had, which has totally made me want to pack up every sweater and long sleeved shirt and break out some lighter clothes. The only problem is that I don't have many lighter clothes to break out. Last Spring I was VERY pregnant, and then the summer clothes I bought were before I lost much of my baby weight. I can wear a few shirts from pre-pregnancy, but many of them still don't fit the girls. So here are 5 things I want to add to my Spring wardrobe:
#5. A classic, maybe two would be great to wear while the mornings are still cool.

- both cardigans Gap
#4. An appropriate length denim skirt...I do realize that I can't rock a miniskirt, so I'm willing to settle for a fitted knee length denim skirt. (This one I can check off, thanks Old Navy skirt sale!)

-skirt Old Navy...mine is a lighter wash
#3. A rosette embellished tee...these precious little rosettes are everywhere and I want a shirt like this:
-shirt Gap

#2. Lightweight khakis in some fun colors...another one I can check off thanks to Old Navy sale. They are the perfect fit and only $19 in store.

-both pants Old Navy
#1. A new pair of ballet flats...I had a red pair that I wore until they can not be worn anymore, so I'd like to replace them with a new pair. I think these are perfect for Spring when I'm not quite ready to break out the sandals.

-both shoes JCrew
Now...who wants to fund my little wishlist??? :) Perhaps the RedHead will! What's on your Spring Wishlist?


  1. I am wishing for some spring dresses from Anthropologie and this sweet little rosette embellished cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft!

  2. I'd love to be able to get into and be able to rock some of those ultra cute 50's style dresses that are so popular right now. But first..I need to deliver my son, then second I need to loose a ton of weight...maybe that should be my 'fall wishlist'. :) I hope you get some cute clothes!

  3. I am also loving the warmer weather. I found three cute cardigans at target for only 17.00.
    At that price I picked up black, pink and grey. But at the top of my spring wardrobe list is a pedicure, I guess that would go under accessories...right?


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