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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Top Five Friday...Obsessions

This isn't what you think. I am obsessed, but not in the Ali Larter goin after your man only to get killed by glamazon Beyonce obsessed. More in a neurotic, crazy drive by lady, whose not had a good night's sleep in a very long time!

Now that you're thoroughly confused (I know I have mad grammar and language skills) I'll try to clarify what I mean by sharing my Top Five Obsessions:
#5. Keeping Bug from eating (and possibly choking) on every stray piece of debris she finds. I swear the girl will eat pieces of leaves, stickers, and dog food. I looked at her the other day and thought her mouth was bleeding, but it was actually where she had eaten a bit of red mud that we tracked in after visiting the house.
Here's the culprit eating a grape poptart she snaked from her brother!

#4. My Praxis test results. I think more hits than google due to my neurotic checking of my profile to see if my results have posted yet. Yes they give you the date of April 6th that they will be posted, but in my mind I feel like it should be earlier because it's JUST a scantron people. I mean why hasn't it posted yet??? Okay, I'm calming down. But I'm still checking every day.

#3. Number three directly relates to number 4. I'm obsessing over what I'm going to be doing next year. Will I go back into the classroom? If so, what school will I be at and what grade will I teach? It was great that the county allowed me to take a year's leave of absence, but it stinks that I have no guarantees of exactly what position I'll be returning to. Also, if I do pass my Reading Praxis, should I teach Title I? See, I can stress over anything.

#2. This one's not a full blown obsession, but I do love a lot of their products! I had a Thirty One party on Tuesday and I can't wait to turn in my order and get some free goodies. I'll be getting these:
in brown and I'm filling it with art supplies for Monkey to have when he needs to be kept occupied.
This purse has changeable covers. I'm getting a springy pink print, but I like this one too.
in a green stripe with my name in pink...for my makeup.
And I already have these:
in a polkadot print for Monkey to use as his swim bag.
in navy with our family name to use as a beach bag.
#1. Our new home. Either the RedHead of I (or both of us) are over there every day. I know the neighbors think we're stalking the neighborhood, but we just can't resist going by to see what they got done each day. Here's a few pics from last night.
There you have it, my top five obsessions. See I told you it wasn't the crazy kind of obsessed...well, maybe just a little.


  1. Dont you just love some Thirty-One! I think I pretty much have one of everything now! I get it to "show" people but I really just want it for myself! Ha!

    We went to our house everyday to see what they had done that day. They are moving along pretty quick on ya'lls house! That's so exciting!

    The park we go to is in Rockwell. I'm not sure how to get there from here because I go to my Mom's work and then she leds me there.

  2. I was out of control waiting on my PRaxis results!! Good Luck!!!

  3. A family is a good thing to be obsessed over as is a house :)

  4. All good obsessions! When my family was building our house, we were there every single day too! I remember playing hide-and-seek with my sisters in all the different stages of the building process.

    Also, that coffee drink you described sounds yummy! You can never go wrong with a hint of coffee and some chocolate! :)

  5. I am sure if we were building a home, we would be going by every day too!! That must be so exciting! :)


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