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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Recap

Remember those little promises we make to ourselves...things going on in our lives...well, that's just what this post is about. A little update on my New Year's Resolution, internet unplugging, my Lenten sacrifice, and our HOUSE!!!

New Year's Resolution: Simplify and Organize. I like percentages, so I'll say I'm about 75% with this one. I did a bulk of the organization and purging right there at the beginning of the year, and I think we've done pretty well at not adding new clutter to our home. However, I am having a particularly hard time keeping my dining room table clear. It seems to be the catch all and I let it fill up and then put everything away. I guess the next step is to work on putting things away right when we get home instead of storing them on the table.

Internet Unplugged: No internet on Wednesdays and Sundays. Let's go with about 50%. I've done well to not blog on these days and not really using the internet while the children are awake, but I do admit to using the net once they're in bed and in the wee morning hours when I'm up feeding Bug. Clearly I still need to work on this.

Lenten Sacrifice: No sugar during the Lenten season. Basically no sodas, desserts, or refined sugar. Fruit sugars are fine. This is probably my best...90-95%. I did drink soda when I had that nasty NoroVirus, ate a piece of cake at Monkey's birthday party (although I did skip cake at 2 baby showers), and I had an unfortunate incident with *Nutella the other day. Other than that I've done well. I've even lost 2 or 3 lbs along the way.

Our House: We are making progress and I love it! They have cleared the land, dug out the basement, and put in the footings (whatever that means). Our brick was delivered yesterday and they are starting to put in the block tomorrow. (I may be saying all of this wrong, but I have no exp. in homebuilding so cut me some slack.) We met with our contractor again last night and discussed windows along with about 10 other things. Every time we meet I get more excited about our new home! Here are a few pics where they dug out the basement, but they were from last week and we have no new ones since our camera died an untimely death and we're waiting no a replacement screen.

*It took me 27 years to discover Nutella...oh how I wish I had found it earlier. It is divine! ...and it a serious underestimate of it's value to shelf it with peanut butter. Which, by the way, is how it fooled me into eating a ton of sugar. I honestly thought it was a type of peanut butter, so I guess now I have to stop eating it since my husband informed me of the sugar content. I'll definitely be looking forward to it at Easter!


  1. Nutella is kind of like crack...i assume hahahaha

  2. How exciting about your house! And I really need to try Nutella...I keep hearng it is great!

  3. How exciting about your house!! I am the same way about trying to de-clutter my dining table and I do but then I turn around and it has papers on it AGAIN! LOL....if I would just learn to put them away....:0)

    Everyone is telling me to try Nutella! I heard it is amazing and addictive! I just may have to try it now! LOL....

    I just love your blog! Super cute! Are you Shelli's sister??
    I think she is so sweet....

    Summer :0)

  4. OOh that's exciting about your house. I haven't tried nutella either.

  5. Building a house is so exciting...unless it takes 6 months longer than planned and you are 8 months pregnant moving furniture in on a rainy Saturday because you really NEED to get unto the house before your baby comes! Ha! Yea other than that it's so much fun! I can't wait to see it! We will be over that way soon to come to the pool!

    Are you coming to the party tomorrow? If so bring your Mom!

    FYI: No Summer, Misty is not my sister! Just a friend! Mindi is my sis..thats close!


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