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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monkey's 4th Birthday Party!

Today we had Monkey's 4th birthday party. I lay in the bed this morning and sighed, "Can my little baby boy be 4 already???" And the answer is YES! Well, I actually have a few more days, but we celebrated today. I have to first say that I am big on themes! His first birthday it was monkeys,

his second was sailboats,

his third was gymnastics,

and this birthday he chose sports. We had a pool party at our local YMCA and it was wonderful! We brought noodles and balls for the kids to play with and after we swam for an hour they had a party room where we could do cake and icecream. I think he had a wonderful time (considering the nap he's taking right now) and he loved that he had himself a sports party! After cake and icecream we let the kids bust a soccerball pinata (which sadly I neglected to take pictures of) and fill their treatbags full of candy. I'm sure there's more than one parent cursing me for the sugar high and subsequent sugar crash that their child is experiencing! :) We also decided not to do gifts this year (although some people did sneak him one in) and we collected canned food for Pastor's Pantry. I know that Monkey will be very excited to go with me Monday to donate the food we collected! Here's some pics of his big day!
Splashing in the water!
My Two RedHeads!
His Sports Cake...had to edit his name out. :)
Singing Happy Birthday!
Time To Dig In!
We'll probably continue the celebration by going out to dinner tonight, then he's staying with his favorite person on Monday (the sitter that kept him while I worked...he absolutely LOVES her), and then taking cupcakes to Preschool on Tuesday which is his real birthday and he'll get to open up his presents from us. I love Birthday 'weeks'! Happy Birthday Monkey!!


  1. Happy Birthday Monkey!!! Looks like he had a blast.....I think I'll have Cubby's birthday at our YMCA this year too! Great idea! I love birthday "weeks" too :)

  2. Love birthdays! Sorry will pick up my award soon, been CRAZY!!

  3. Those were amazing cakes. I can't show this to my daughter. All she got were lousy cupcakes!


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